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§| Burn me with fire, drown me with rain. I'm gonna wake up, screaming your name. Yes, I'm a sinner. Yes, I'm a saint. Whatever happens here, we remain. |§

You have no idea, do you? You have no idea what she was prepared to do for you. When our sister sees something that she perceives to be an injustice, she can be stubborn, impetuous, and, at times, downright dangerous, and never was this more apparent than the night she tried to kill our father. I was there… And she would have done it, all to protect you, had I not stopped her. I often wished that I could revisit that moment, complete the task myself. Niklaus, sometimes our sister acts without thinking. She’s short of temper. She’s quick to fall in love, but she loves you, but your malicious treatment has broken her heart.

It’s just a storm. Don’t be afraid, I won’t let it hurt you.

be happy, sister.


It’s our t u r n, Elijah please.


I miss Klaroline. I miss Kalijah. I miss my babies and their happiness.